Mini Pizzas for Picky Eaters


Both my kids are picky when it comes to eating, which leaves me with very few choices to work with.  I have tried a variety of options and often the lunchboxes come home untouched. On the brink of despair, I asked my kids what they would really like to eat?  Their answer was, “Pizza!”. Of course!!

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A Thoughtful Gift for Grandma


My husband and I are very lucky to have our parents help us with our kids. During summer holidays, spring breaks and any other day that our kids are off school, both our parents help us with baby-sitting. The kids love the opportunity to spend time with their grandparents, having sleepovers and getting spoiled. Continue reading “A Thoughtful Gift for Grandma”

Hair Accessories

DIY hair accessory for summer

hari accessories 3

Summer is a season for celebration. I love summer, not so much for the heat, but for the beautiful outdoor living, dazzling flowers and the ability to dress up light for a change. It is one of my most favourite seasons of the year.

Summer is usually the time to explore different looks and hairstyles whether it is for fun or for an ocasion. Just recently my husband’s cousin got married. Both my kids were part of bridal party. My son the ring bearer and my daughter the flower girl. Continue reading “Hair Accessories”