Smarties Cookies

Smarties Cookies


My kids have been asking me several times to bake Smarties Cookies, unfortunately I never had a chance to bake it for them. To redeem myself from a long forgotten promise, I took my kids shopping to Bulk Barn to buy some Smarties.

I love Bulk Barn and the selection they offer. Every time I visit the store I end up walking out with handful of item that was initially not on my shopping list. This time was not any exception. After almost an hour we left the store buying of course with some Smarites and a bagful of other items for my next inspired ideas. Continue reading “Smarties Cookies”

Local Kid Friendly Campsites in BC

brae island fort langley

When planning Camping trips,  kids friendly campsites becomes the first priority to look for.

This will be the fifth year camping with my family.  I would not yet call myself an experienced camper, but somewhat seasoned. Growing up, my parents were never into anything outdoorsy, the most outdoor involvement we were exposed to was a simple picnic with family and friends, that is all! Therefore, going camping was totally out of my element. Continue reading “Local Kid Friendly Campsites in BC”

The Perfect Oatmeal Breakfast

There is nothing more wonderful then having a perfectly cooked oatmeal in a cup!

healthy oatmeal breakfast

Oatmeal is one of my most favourite option for breakfast. Despite our hectic mornings, I always make sure we are having a complete breakfast before we leave home.

I usually buy one box of instant oatmeal (I love peach flavour the most) and mix it with a bag of regular oats. By doing so you get a perfect blend of flavour each time. Continue reading “The Perfect Oatmeal Breakfast”

Roasted Onions and Cauliflowers Cooked Salad With Hemp Seeds

roasted cauliflower

Roasted Onions and Cauliflowers with Hemp Seed and Mixed Nuts: A Cooked Salad

Winter is almost gone and spring is on its way. How exciting! I love spring and its power to give life and beauty.  My dad believes that spring air has magic in it. When I was little he used to tell me to “breath in all the fresh air as it revitalizes your body and heals your soul”. I remember taking big, deep breaths and imagining that bright life was going inside me. Even today, I still believe that spring has mystic powers.

Continue reading “Roasted Onions and Cauliflowers Cooked Salad With Hemp Seeds”

Yam And Sweet PotatoCurry

Yam and sweet potato Curry

yum curry with sweet potato

Recently, I was reading an article about yams. The article was fascinating and explained how good yams can be for your body. It is amazing how a simple vegetable can possess so many beneficial factors that can nourish you in so many ways. The list of health benefits was long; however here are some of the benefits that were mentioned: Continue reading “Yam And Sweet PotatoCurry”

Afghani Eggplant

finished afghani dish 1

Out of all Afghani dishes, eggplant was my very least favourite dish.  As a child growing up I never gave eggplant a fair chance. My mind was made up not to like this dish, for reasons I did not know.

It all changed for me when I was pregnant with my second child almost six years ago.  My body told me, “I want eggplant and I want it now”! I can never forget that day, when I had an entire plate of eggplants all by myself. That was my very fist time “really my first time” trying eggplants. I am forever in love with this dish, and a little upset at myself for not trying it earlier. Continue reading “Afghani Eggplant”