Decorating and Colouring Beautiful Easter Eggs


Every year when Easter comes around, I love colouring and decorating eggs.  My kids and I have lots of fun creating all sorts of designs and we basically go crazy and overboard with glue and glitter!

In some countries where the New Year is celebrated on the first day of Spring, colouring eggs, throwing egg fights, and buying cute yellow chicks for good luck are some common customs amongst many others.

I love the itsy bitsy rituals that come with most holidays. They spread joy, make us do things for reasons that might be unknown to us, bring back fond memories, and help us create new ones.  Having egg fights, colouring eggs, and dreaming of owning 101 cute little yellow chicks are some of those memories for me.

Years ago during one of my classes in school, our teachers asked if I knew the connection between eggs, bunnies, chickens and Easter. My excuse for not knowing was, “I am not Christian”, but surprisingly, even students who were Christian could not come up with a meaningful answer. Leaving the religious values of Easter aside, I think some of these little rituals represent and symbolize spring and new life.

Since Easter and our Persian New Year promote the same activities to celebrate new life and new beginning, we  have lots of fun decorating eggs at my home.


Here are some of fun-filled egg design ideas from our home this year:)

easter egg decoration bitsyideas

Main items you will need for decorating easter eggs:

  • Glitter
  • Ribbons, decorative items, rhinestones, flowers etc
  • Glue
  • Glue gun
  • Eggs with shells on (extremely hard boiled)

coloring eggs

For colouring Easter eggs:

  • Food colouring
  • Hot water
  • bowls or cups
  • vinegar

To find out on how to colour eggs step by step click here… 


I find it very easy to work with a glue gun.  It gives you the ability and flexibility to do much more when it comes to decorating easter eggs.

easter egg decoration

easter eggs DIY art

beautiful easter eggs cute and fun easter egg desings easter eggs decoration

Kids choose to draw on their eggs.


easter eggs DIY



    • Roya says:

      I know real egg decorating is very complicated, but thanks to glue gun we were able to pull some cute designs too :)) Thanks Alana

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