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Summer is a season for celebration. I love summer, not so much for the heat, but for the beautiful outdoor living, dazzling flowers and the ability to dress up light for a change. It is one of my most favourite seasons of the year.

Summer is usually the time to explore different looks and hairstyles whether it is for fun or for an ocasion. Just recently my husband’s cousin got married. Both my kids were part of bridal party. My son the ring bearer and my daughter the flower girl.

In general my daughter is not a “girly girl”, even though my husband calls her that.  She loves her track pants and t-shirts. According to her, “dresses are too much work and it makes you trip!”

I was very happy and thankful that she let me take advantage of the occasion and dress her up completely for the wedding.  She even let me put her hair up or at least half way:) I guess I could say I was way more excited then her.

To complete her look I wanted to accessorize her hair. Usually hairbands are hard to keep on and they are not that comfortable.  Instead I made her little flower accessories to go with her look without weighing too heavy on her head.

I chose a very light weight flowers to make hairpins.  It is the most easy way to create hair accessories for any kind of updos.

Things You Need for this fun DIY project:

  • Bobby pins
  • Light weight flowers, gems, buttons, beats or any other decorative objects 
  • Glue gun


best diy hair accessories

You can easily use buttons to make a beautiful hairpin. There are so many stunning buttons that could make a perfect hair accessory and save you lots of money rather then buying actual hair pins, that usually cost anywhere from $9.99- $25 each.

hair accessories2


Hair acessories

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