Local Kid Friendly Campsites in BC


When planning Camping trips,  kids friendly campsites becomes the first priority to look for.

This will be the fifth year camping with my family.  I would not yet call myself an experienced camper, but somewhat seasoned. Growing up, my parents were never into anything outdoorsy, the most outdoor involvement we were exposed to was a simple picnic with family and friends, that is all! Therefore, going camping was totally out of my element.

I still remember my first camping trip in late August 2012.  My husband finally convinced me to go after 7 years of marriage and 2 kids.  Not knowing what to expect, I put my faith in my husband’s hands.  We booked a campsite for two nights in Porteau Cove Provincial Park. Usually I hear beginner’s luck is good, but it did not worked out for me. The weather was awful, it rained the entire day and it was cold and windy.   Even though we had warm clothing and enough blankets (no sleeping bags), that night was the coldest night of my life. The next day, I made my husband pack up and we left.  (Porteau Cove is a very beautiful site)

porteau cove

porteau cove 1

Afraid from my first experience, I told my husband I will only go camping again if I have my own sleeping bag made for (-23) degrees weather. 🙂 I was reassured that summer in British Columbia will never be in minus digits, I still bought myself a (- 7) degree sleeping bag.

My husband on the other hand grew up camping with his parents every year when he was young.

The second year I felt a little more at ease. We decided to go to Golden Ears Provincial Park. That week the weather was perfect, the campsite was kids friendly, absolutely beautiful and we had the most amazing time ever. We loved our stay at Golden Ears so much that we went to the same campground again the following year.

golden ears campingsite

allouate lake

Alouette Lake by Golden Ears


Last year we tried Anmore Camp & R. V Park near Buntzen Lake.  A private and very kids friendly campsite. We stayed there 2 nights.  Overall a nice place to stay.  All campsites has water and electricity.  There are washrooms, showers and laundry. The site also has a swimming pool.

kenmore campsite

Buntzen Lake 10 minutes drive from campsite

Buntzen Lake 10 minutes drive from campsite

The only two things I will comment on Anmore Camp & RV Park:

1. Some campsites has very minimal shading.  On a very hot and sunny day it could get uncomfortable.

2.  In the bathroom there are a few sinks that has old style faucets, Cold on one side and hot water on the other site.  I find that rather very unusual and inconvenient. Other then that a very nice place to plan a great getaway for your family.

old style sinks

I found this picture on google, the sinks at the site are almost identical to this.


This year we picked Brae Island in Fort Langley. We found out about this place from a good friend of ours. It is local and very close to home.  They cater to both RVs and tent camping.  At first impression it looks a little small and the campsites are very close to each other, but on the other hand it is very well maintained campground. Quiet- time after 11pm.

Camping in BC 2016

campinggrounds with swmming pools

brae island fort langley 2016

I  definitely recommend this place to young families.  Each campsite has electricity and water.  The campground also has a swimming pool that kids enjoyed very much. I was very impressed how clean the washrooms and showers were.  There is also a small general store with very reasonable prices and friendly staff.

Outside the campground is the river where kids practiced their fishing skills.

fishing at brae island

If you guys are looking into planning a getaway at home, but away from home Brae Island is the place to go.

Comparing myself to five years ago, I admit that I have developed a love for out door living. This year we went for three nights which was a first for us.  I truly enjoy the freedom of being free and letting go of your everyday routines.  As most of you know, I am quite germaphobic, these camping trips help me to relax and not care if someone washed their hands or not, that feeling is tremendous for me. I am looking forward for our next trip venturing little further away.

Share your favourite and kids friendly campsites, you have visited with your family, I would also appreciate any tips, comments, dos and don’ts you learned along the way…  Thanks:)



Here are a few pointers might be helpful planning your first camping trip:

  1. Pack light ,basic and necessities only
  2. Pack both light and warm clothing
  3. Plan your meals
  4. Freeze your water bottles and juice boxes and use it as ice pack
  5. Take two sets of keys for your car, cary one with you, and hide one in the tent incase you lock your keys in the car
  6. Padding for under your sleeping bags
  7. Take enough snacks
  8. Flash light, match, batteries
  9. Tools (bungee cord, rope, multi tools, scissors, etc)
  10. Sunscreen and bug spray
  11. Can opener


Here are some additional website with real useful tips

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  1. Zee says:

    Great tips! Another campsite to discover would be Walnut Grove at Cultus Lake. This year will bee the seco d time for us and you know that’s always a good sign:)

    • Roya says:

      Wonderful! We are planning for another short trip in next few weeks, I will call them and see if they have any opening. We should plan one next year together. Kids will have lots of fun!

  2. Urdu Mom says:

    Great tips! I’m a newbie camper myself and still hesitant! Camped for the first time in Canada last year and it was a great experience.
    I’m in ALBERTA but if we ever camp in BC, will keep your site recommendations in mind.
    Btw you look so fab in all the camping pictures 🙂

    • Roya says:

      Thank you so very much Urdu Mom. I was extremely hesitant at the beginning and now I really look forward. If you ever come this way msg me. And thank you again, Bahood shukria:)

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