How to Bake Cream Rolls Shells

Cream rolls are universal. The oversized flaky shell, buttery cream filling, and sugar-dusted top, a taste familiar to many. As a child I remember these extremely over sized cream rolls, my mom would buy from the bakery that was close to our house. I clearly recall asking my mom each time if I could have two, and her answer was always, “No”. So disappointing!   As a child I never understood?… But as a mother I know now why!


I was planning to publish this post for Valentine’s Day.  I had everything ready to make some nice cream rolls with pink and red butter filling and a touch of rose water for added flavour. Unfortunately, the most popular method of using aluminum foils to wrap the pastry dough to create holes in the middle did not work for me, the puff pastry got stuck to the foil and everything went to waste.


The second time, I oiled the aluminum foil  to prevent the dough from sticking.  Unfortunately, Again!! the dough got stuck to the aluminum foil!  Another failed try!

I was so mad and so disappointed.

As I was throwing a try full of broken crumbs and aluminum sticks in to the garbage bin, I realized that nothing got stuck to the parchment paper.  Hellooooo!! Why did I not think of this earlier???!!

I rolled parchment paper to the desired size, and rolled the dough around it.   It was so easy and it baked perfectly even. After taking it out of the oven it was almost effortless to slide it off of the parchment paper.

After struggling a few times to get my cream roll shells right,  I decided to make this post about “how to bake shells in most easy and efficient way”.  I hope this finding from experience can be helpful in your kitchen.

afghani creamrolls

the parchment paper rolls so easy and it holds its shape very well.






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