Roasted Onions and Cauliflowers Cooked Salad With Hemp Seeds


Roasted Onions and Cauliflowers with Hemp Seed and Mixed Nuts: A Cooked Salad

Winter is almost gone and spring is on its way. How exciting! I love spring and its power to give life and beauty.  My dad believes that spring air has magic in it. When I was little he used to tell me to “breath in all the fresh air as it revitalizes your body and heals your soul”. I remember taking big, deep breaths and imagining that bright life was going inside me. Even today, I still believe that spring has mystic powers.

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Drying Play Dough

Drying play dough into permanent keepsake figurines is a cheaper substitute to modelling clay. It is also more children friendly and easier to work with. Recently I shared a super easy play dough recipe. As my kids were playing with freshly made play-dough, I wondered what else we could do with it? Continue reading →

5 Easy Ways to Make Napkin Rings



Napkin rings, in my books, are the best accessories that bring life to any table. They can add interesting details and create drama. You can buy napkin rings in almost every department store and they usually come in many varieties and styles. However, with a little bit of imagination, you can put together a beautiful and cost efficient napkin ring that is unique to your own tastes and needs. Continue reading →

Cleaning Rusty Cast Iron Skillet



Ten years ago when I was newly wed, I purchased myself a cast iron skillet with the dream of making yummy recipes.  My dream soon started to crumble when my skillet begun to rust beyond my control.  Being young and “newly married” I did not know what to do with it. To be honest all that rust scared me off and forced me to throw my skillet away.  I was not ready for all the dedication needed to keep a skillet in good condition. As a matter of fact I did not even know how to properly season and take care of one.

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No Cook Play Dough

Play dough is BIG in my household! Both my kids love and enjoy playing with it. It keeps them occupied for hours and I have fun watching their creativity and ideas come to life in absolutely adorable creations. It is also a great activity for helping them practice focusing and paying attention to details. Continue reading →

Almond Cookies

Almond cookies

Almond cookies are one of those things that instantly takes me back to a snowy white Christmas free of any worries; warm and cozy. One of our good neighbours/friends who was German made the best almond cookies ever.  She always gave us a big box of them.  I remember I would often eat the entire box by myself. The “hungry and chubby” (yes chubby!) young teenager I was, shamelessly I would always ask for more. Continue reading →

Yam And Sweet PotatoCurry

Yam and sweet potato Curry

yum curry with sweet potato

Recently, I was reading an article about yams. The article was fascinating and explained how good yams can be for your body. It is amazing how a simple vegetable can possess so many beneficial factors that can nourish you in so many ways. The list of health benefits was long; however here are some of the benefits that were mentioned: Continue reading →

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Halloween and Me

Me, Halloween and Costume Creating

bilbo baggins halloween costume

My kids love Halloween and they look forward to getting dressed and going trick or treating. I used to choose costumes for them when they were little. Now, I look forward to them coming to me with their own ideas and costume choices and asking me to make them.

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How to Alter A Bed Skirt

how to alter bedskirts main picture
Recently I went shopping and bought a beautiful queen-size bedding set. After bringing it home and throwing it over the bed, I realized that the comforter was too short due to the significant height of the mattress. I have often wondered why bedding companies do not take this problem into consideration when designing their bedding because most new mattresses are quite high, which means regular queen-size comforters are too short to hang gracefully over all four corners.

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