Afghani Eggplant

finished afghani dish 1

Out of all Afghani dishes, eggplant was my very least favourite dish.  As a child growing up I never gave eggplant a fair chance. My mind was made up not to like this dish, for reasons I did not know.

It all changed for me when I was pregnant with my second child almost six years ago.  My body told me, “I want eggplant and I want it now”! I can never forget that day, when I had an entire plate of eggplants all by myself. That was my very fist time “really my first time” trying eggplants. I am forever in love with this dish, and a little upset at myself for not trying it earlier. Continue reading “Afghani Eggplant”

Baked Pancakes


best healthy baked pancake main picutre

Despite our busy, fast-lane and on-the-go lives, we always try to have at least one peaceful and traditional breakfast every Saturday, complete with eggs, pancakes, sausages and bacon. Of course, we have turkey sausages and bacon! J We don’t eat pork. Some friends I know shake their heads but with no comparison, turkey bacon tastes gooood!

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DIY Kids’ Art Portfolio

bitsyideas portfolio for kids


Back to school, back to reality!

Now that school is back in session, life seems back to normal. Aside from morning madness to get everyone ready, pack lunch boxes and deal with last “I have to go poo” just before walking out the door, I am quite ready for this school year.

Every year around this time I get emotional seeing my little monkeys all grown up and becoming their own little persons. At the same time, it makes me very sad to see how fast they are growing up and leaving their little tiny selves behind. Continue reading “DIY Kids’ Art Portfolio”