Thank you for visiting Bitsyideas.com. I am Roya, wife to an amazing husband, and mother to two little monkeys.

Roya blogI am a soul who has no boundaries when it comes to creativity. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a creative side in me.  I have to thank my Grandma (= BiBi in Farsi) for that.  She was my first hand inspiration.  She was an incredible lady, who taught me a lot and left me with the most wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime.  I am so fortunate to have inherited a portion of her skills.

I started Bitsy Ideas solely to challenge myself, to learn and grow, and to find inspiration. Hopefully along the way I can inspire some of you!

I love to cook almost anything.  I enjoy exploring and creating recipes that are easy and healthy. I love to bake and I have a giant sweet tooth for anything that has the word sugar or chocolate in it.  I am also notorious for trying to build and refurbish things around my home. Last but not least, I love to sew. It especially comes in handy around Halloween time when you have little kids.


Here at Bitsy Ideas you will find a bit of everything:
  • Unique and healthy recipes with a touch of “Afghani” flare
  • Fun and simple DIY projects
  • Yummy and easy dessert ideas
  • Crazy and fun sewing projects

My goal is to be original and come up with ideas that are mine. I want Bitsy Ideas to be a place where you can find yummy recipes, many useful ideas and DIY projects for you and your family on a daily basis.

Thank you for all your support and hope to see again.

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